Mizroam Environment, Development, and Climate Change

By: V.P. Sati
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ISBN: 9788170197010
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 204

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Chapter 1: Wetlands of Mizoram: A Review on Mapping and Status for Sustainable Development in Changing Climate

Chapter 2: Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in Mizoram, India 

Chapter 3: Climate Change and Mizoram: Vulnerability Status and Future Projections

Chapter 4: Invasive Alien Plants, Particulate Matter Pollution, and Climate Change Implications in Mizoram, North East India: An Interrelated Framework

Chapter 5: Climate Variability and Change in Mizoram, India

Chapter 6: Role of Bamboo in Reducing Impact of Climate Change

Chapter 7: Mizoram Forests and Climate Change Implications

Chapter 8: Horticulture in Mizoram, Northeast India: A Sunrise Sector for Economic Prosperity and Livelihood Security

Chapter 9: Agriculture Development in Mizoram: A Micro Level Study of Major Agriculture Crops

Chapter 10: Production and Channel of Distribution of Ginger in Mizoram 

Chapter 11: Export Potentialities and Strategies for Horticultural Crops at Mizoram

Chapter 12: Importance of Underutilized Medicinal Plants of Mizoram

Chapter 13: Drivers of Land Degradation in Mizoram

Chapter 14: A Study on Tourist Attractions in Mizoram: It’s Prospects and Retrospect

Chapter 15: Geology of Sedimentary Formations in the State of Mizoram, NE India: A Review