Digital Transformation in Libraries and Information Centres

By: Bhanu Partap and Nitin Joshi
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ISBN: 9789391734480
Year: 2023
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 428

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The world is drastically changed due to wide impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on every aspect of human endeavours. Similarly, library and information centres have totally been changed due to wide impact and adoption of ICT applications in its infrastructural facilities, resources and services. This digital transformation in libraries and information centres has changed the way of procuring and offering of information resources and services to the end users. It is the need of this era to move forward for the modernisation of the library activities so that it could be possible to share and collaborate at national and international levels so as to fulfil the diverse information needs of the users at utmost level. The primary aim of this book “Digital Transformation in Libraries and Information Centres” is to assist and inform the users, students, researchers, as well as library & information science professionals about the various crucial issues & challenges, and other concerns related with the digital transformation in libraries and information centres and its impact on information resources and services.

            This book contains thirty four chapters/articles on various topics and issues related with the theme of the present book. The articles are contributed by well-known LIS professionals from all over India. The articles are totally based on the personal and practical experience of researchers, teachers and working LIS professionals, which will be very useful for the entire library and information science professional community as well as other academicians.