A Manual on Compost and Other Organic Manures

By: R Krishna Murthy (Forwarded by Dr M.S. Swaminathan)
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ISBN: 9789391734626
Year: 2023
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Total Pages: 169

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Historical Development - Utilisation  of  night-soil   in  China  and  India, Discovery of   Scientific principles   involved in composting & Compost   work   in   India 

Cardinal Points in Composting 

Methods of Composting- Aerobic   mode   of   composting, Fowler's Process, Indore Process, Anstead's Process, Becari Process, Rain. water composting, Sheet composting, Anaerobic mode of composting, The Coimbatore method of composting, Critical study of the various methods of Composting evolved up to1938, The  'Edelmist'  or  'the  hot  fermentation process or 'Aerobic followed by an aerobic' method of composting Development   of   hot-fermentation   process   in   India, The Bangalou   method   of composting Covering  trenches with earth, Control of   fly-breeding   in compost   heaps and trenches, Composting in overground heaps, Merits   and   demerits   of   the   Bangalore   method   of composting, of the hot fermentation process of composting  Merits, Demerits & Poudrette   method vs. hot   fermentation process for the disposal of night-soil.

Recent Developments in Night Soil Compost and Compost from Farm Wastes and Allied Materials- Recent developments in night-soil compost, Efficacy of different st rters used in composting, Compost from farm wastes, Kraal method of composting, The Bangalore method of composting, Compost from sugar factory wastes ,Composting   of sea-weeds & Composting of green manures

Phosphated Compost and Utilisation of Urine and Other Organic Wastes - Utilisation of human and cattle urine and otherorganic wastes

Judging the Quality of Compost - Measuring the extent of humification in compost heaps, The course of decomposition of compost in soil, Effect of compost on crops, Night-soil compost & Farm waste compost

Lay out of Compost Depot and Mechanisation - Layout of depot for pits, Layout of depot using stacks & Mechanisation of composting 

Essentiality of Composting and Future Line of Workin Compost

Sewage Utlisation, in Agriculture - Prevention of Deleterious bacterial changes, Prevention of Incidence of pathogens, Swage Sickness, Effect of Sewage and Sludge on Crops & Availability of nitrogen of sewage sludge

Farmyard Manure and Its Effective Conservation- Animal excreta, Mode of collection of dung in India, Losses of nutrients in cattle manure during storage, Reducing losses of manurial ingredients in cattle manure & Quantity of manure produced 

Green Manures - Technique of green manuring, Soil and climate , Sowing time, Ploughing-in of the crop, Decomposition of green manures, Harrison and lyer's experiment , Beneficial  effects of  green manuring, Addition of plant nufrients, Soil structure and moisture-holding capacity, Reclamation of problem soils, For clayey soil,For clacareous sandy soils, For loamy soil , Effect of different green manures on crops, Pillipesara (Phaseolus trilobus), Sunhemp (Crotalaria juncea), Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum), Phaseolus Sp, Melilotus (Sweet clover), Vigna, Lathyrus, Desmodium, Cyamopsis psoraloides (Ouar), Aeschymone (Joint vetch),Nitrogen fixation by legumes and non-legumes, Non-symbolic nitrogen fixing bacteria, Azotobacter,  Beijerincka,  Clostridium, Bacillus Polymyxa, Mechanism of nitrogen-fixation, Supply of bacterial cultures, Preparation of bacterial culture for  sale  to  farmers, Method of seed treatment, Factors affecting the success of   applied  inoculum & Nitrogen fixation by Blue-green algae

Decomposition of Organic Matter and Formation of Humus - Aerobic decomposition, Anaerobic decomposition & Conditions required for satisfactory decomposition.

Oil Cakes and other Organic Manures - Nitrogen Content of Oil Cakes, Bones and Bonemeal, Fish manure,  Blood meal, Meat meal, Horn and Hoof meal, Guano & Press mud