Community Development: Evidence Based Indian Approaches

By: Mohan A. K. and Laxmi
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ISBN: 9789391734466
Year: 2023
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 430

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Community development is a critical aspect of sustainable development, which aims to empower communities to create and manage their own development initiatives. In India, community development has been a central component of social policy for several decades, and there is a wealth of evidence-based approaches that have been developed and implemented across the country.

This edited book brings together a collection of chapters from experts in the field of community development in India. The book presents evidence-based approaches to community development that have been successfully implemented in various contexts and regions of India. The chapters cover a range of topics, including community-led development, participatory planning and decision-making, community-based natural resource management, and social entrepreneurship. The book is intended to serve as a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in the field of community development in India. It highlights the importance of evidence-based approaches to community development and provides insights into the challenges and opportunities that arise in the implementation of such approaches.

Overall, this book aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on community development in India and to promote the use of evidence-based approaches to support sustainable development and social transformation in the country. The chapters in the book contributed by community development practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and academician in across India.