Income and Food Security of Farmer's in India: Opportunities & Challenges

By: K. K. Jha, Amod Sharma, Y.K Sharma and R. K. Kulshrestha
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ISBN: 9789391734862
Year: 2024
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 202

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Agriculture has always been the backbone of the Indian economy, providing livelihood and sustenance to millions of people. However, farmers in India have been facing a multitude of challenges in recent times, including low productivity, low income, lack of access to credit and technology, and climate change-induced crop failures.
One of the key challenges faced by farmers in India is the issue of food security. Despite being an agricultural economy, India is grappling with the problem of food insecurity, particularly in rural areas. Many farmers struggle to provide adequate nutrition for their families, let alone sell their produce in the market.
This book aims to explore the linkages between income and food security of farmers in India. It delves into the various factors that contribute to low income and food insecurity among farmers, such as inadequate marketing channels, lack of irrigation facilities, and poor access to credit and technology. The book also examines the impact of government policies on farmers’ income and food security.
Through a detailed analysis of case studies and empirical evidences, this book aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by farmers in India and the policy interventions needed to improve their income and food security. It is hoped that this book will contribute to the ongoing debates around agricultural policies and help policymakers and stakeholders in their efforts to improve the lives of Indian farmers.
We hope that this book will be of value to researchers, scholars, policymakers, and students interested in agricultural economics, food security, and rural development in India.