Natural Resource Management for Growth, Development and Sustainability

By: Srishti Pal Vasudeva
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ISBN: 9789391734565
Year: 2023
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 336

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Natural resources of plants, animals, water, air and land containing varied types of minerals, along with Sun that comes from source outside the earth, cater to essential needs of human and other living beings, with each resource having a well-defined role individually and when these work in unison. Critical Natural Resource Management is required in view of deterioration and degradation of these resources due to exertion of various pressures in the post-industrial period. Integration of Natural Resources through involvement of communities and community based organisations has been found to be one of the best solution. Such a system of Integrated Natural Resource Management, ensures conservation practices matched with productive functions, for achieving sustainable management of natural resources, bringing concurrently required socio-economic growth that leads to environmental stability. This model of Integrated Natural Resource Management is not aimed at exclusively benefiting people, rather an approach to set agreeable and sustainable long term relationship between man and nature. Attainment of sustainable development and management of natural resources would aid in meeting needs of present generations but by keeping potential of these resources for future generations. It would following clean, green and resilient path bring much needed resilience from pollution, climate change and natural disasters. This will ensure all round satisfaction, wellbeing and happiness to people that every country's government contemplates and tries and United Nations is striving around the world. The book is based on illustrations from India and many other countries, hence principles, approaches and strategies for natural resource management so outlined and elaborated can be used globally.