Plant Protection : Present Developments and Future strategies

By: Susanta Banik and Jaydeep Halder
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ISBN: 9789391734589
Year: 2022
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 351

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This book covers some important and pertinent topics in plant protection involving the subjects Agricultural Entomology, Plant Pathology and Phytonematology. The present developments happening in the realm of plant protection are captured in the chapters of the book with supporting references. The wide-ranging issues from most-talked about climate change to biocontrol approach in plant protection are elaborated and discussed in various chapters. There are fifteen chapters in the book that cover the topics of ecological engineering, insect resistance mechanisms and management, roles of chemical ecology and insect taxonomy in insect pest management, insect vectors for plant diseases, management of stored grain pests, antagonists in plant disease management, biological control of plant bacterial diseases, mass production of natural enemies and their application, sustainable management of plant parasitic nematodes, entomopathogenic fungus Isaria and entomopathogenic nematodes. The readers will enjoy and find informative content in all the chapters of the book.