Perspectives in Primate Biology Vol. 4

By: Seth, P.K.
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ISBN: 8170194090
Year: 1991
Binding: Hardbound

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Contents: Contributors to this Volume, Prologue, Preface, 1. Preserving Biological Diversity: The Challenge to Conservation; 2. long-Term Studies on the Social Behavior of the Capuchin: Monkey; 3. Non-Human Primates and Their Conservation with Particular Reference to North Eastern India, 4. the Evolution of Primates in Asia: Old Debates and New Dilemmas, 5. Adaptive Radiation in the Higher Primate Evolution, 6. socioecology of Wild Orang-Utan; 7. Study on Sex Steroids in Menstrual Cycles of Rhesus Monkey, 8. Estrus and mating in the Great Apes, 9. Behavioral Dynamics among Primates; 10. Primate Behavioral Dynamics, 11. Responsiveness Toward novelty in Urban and Forest Reared Rhesus monkeys of Different Age Groups, 12. Conservation with Particular References to India, 13. Dominance Related Visual Attention Toward Adult Male Rhesus Monkeys in Free-Ranging Group; 14. Dominance Behavior and Activity Patterns of the delhi Zoological Park Lion-Tailed macaques, 15. Issues in the conservation of Macaca Mulatta in India, 16. Group Dynamics and Cohesiveness, 17. Development of Mother-Infant Relationship in Rhesus Monkeys in Natural Habitats, 18. Siwalik Neogene Palaeoprimatology, 19. Ontogeny of behavioral Dynamics Among Free-Ranging Rhesus Monkeys: Theory and Observations, 20. Sexual Behavior In Macaques, Index. ISBN:8170194090 xiv+222 Yr. of Pub.1992 Hard Bound English Book Title: Vol. 4: Primates: The New Revolution (Perspectives in Primate Biology) Author: P K Seth and Swadesh Seth ISBN: 8170194090 Year of Publication: 1992 Number of Pages: xiv+222 Book Binding: Hard Bound Language: English