My Days at American Campuses

By: Basudeb Chakaraborti
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ISBN: 9789391734220
Year: 2023
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Total Pages: 152

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My Days at American Campuses is a Campus novel. It describes the life of the main Campus of the University of Calcutta, India, then the life of  the University of Houston, Texas and finally the life of American Federal Government sponsored Centre for Petrarchan Studies at Arezzo, Italy. The narrative is a faithfully artistic  delineation of relationship between the teacher and the taught, between staff room intrigues, free mixing of grown up boys and girls, their sex, their marriages, problems of single parent child, problems related to divorce, consequence of frequent divorces upon American society, problems of unwed mothers and their children and many other related problems. While describing all these, the author also makes a detailed  comparative study between the American cultural scenarios  of the Americans and the millennium old cultural tradition of their Indian counterparts.
My Days at American Campuses may be considered an autobiographical novel. Whether it is a memoir or an autobiographical novel, may be left to  Reader Responses. Readers may assume it in any way they think.  It may be said that every autobiographer is a creative liar. No autobiographer can present publicly certain facts of his own life. No autobiographer can present publicly the hidden facts of his own life. He has to live in a society. Sometimes an autobiographer may reveal very private secrets of his subconscious mind only to arrest the attention of readers and to increase the sale of his autobiography. Our conscious mind is structured and sub-conscious mind is also guided by our belief of the right and wrong.    Like an autobiographer, a smart memoirist can play the same trick.