Innovative Librarianship Accelerating Open Access

By: S. Dhanavandan
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ISBN: 9789391734046
Year: 2022
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 582

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This edited volume provides various diverse and vital perspectives on open access (OA) issues. This volume focuses on the viewpoints of researchers, librarians, information professionals, publishers, and library users in India. This volume provides an excellent overview of open access publishing and its benefits. Open access (OA) helps readers find, retrieve, read and use the research they need. At the same time, it allows authors to enlarge their audience and amplify their impact. Those are the main benefits. But these benefits lead to others. If OA helps readers and authors of research, it helps advance research itself and all the benefits that depend on research. In the case of the sciences, that can mean new medicines and valuable technologies. In these circumstances the editors were collected 58 papers from Library and Information Science Professionals from the National level and titled on Innovative Librarianship: Accelerating Open Access. Contents are edited suitably in order to appreciate the professionals. This edited volume consists of 59 papers from Library and Information Science Professionals under five  themes such as, i) Open Access Landscape, ii) Implications for Scholarly Communication, iii)  Open Access Tools and Technologies, iv) Open Educational Resources and v) User Studies and User Education.