Host-Pathogen Interaction: A Molecular Approach

By: Sangita Sahni and B.D. Prasad
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ISBN: 9788170196952
Year: 2020
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 234

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1. Importance and role of biotechnological tools in Plant Pathology- Basic concepts and principles to study host pathogen relationship.
2. Molecular basis of host-pathogen (fungi) interaction
3 Molecular basis of host-pathogen (bacteria) interaction  
4 Molecular basis of host-pathogen (virus)  interaction  
5 Recognition system in host-pathogen interaction
6 Signal transduction pathway in host-pathogen interaction
7 Induction of defense responses- pathogenesis related proteins, HR and reactive oxygen species
8 Phytoalexins: function, characterization and biosynthesis in plants
9 Systemic acquired resistance
10 Programmed cell death in plants
11 Viral induced gene silencing.
12 Molecular basis of gene-for-gene hypothesis
13 R-gene expression and transcription profiling
14 Mapping of resistance genes
15 Pyramiding and cloning of r genes
16 Pyramiding of R genes for disease resistance in plant
17 Pyramiding of R genes for disease resistance in cereals
18 Marker-aided selection
19 Biotechnology and disease management
20 Methods of gene transfer in plant
21 Development of disease resistance plants using genetic engineering approaches
22 Biosafety issues related to GM crops