Fundamentals of Textile Dyeing

By: Saroj, S. Jeet Singh and Neelam M. Rose
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ISBN: 9789391734442
Year: 2022
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 176

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Dyeing is an art to impart colour to the substrates that needs due attention to ascertain look, quality and uniformity in textile products. Textile dyeing is the most basic aspect of textile manufacturing processes. Each textile is dyed with specific dye through its own technology. Thorough understanding of fundamentals of dyeing is the basic need to achieve consistency in dyed products. The book ‘Fundamental of Textile Dyeing’ provides basic understanding of concept related to textile dyeing. The book is divided into three parts. The first part provides knowledge about textile dyeing, terminology related to dyeing and general properties of dyes. This part also serves as instructions for better understanding of second part. The second part describes the classification of dyes and methods of their application on textiles. The third part dealt with the dyeing processes, dyeing defects and environmental aspects of dyeing. This book is intended to provide useful information to textile and fashion designing students, teachers and personnel involved in research related to textile dyeing.