Data Mining & Predictive Analytics

By: V. Kumar, R. Rajesh, T. M. Thasleema and S. Manohar Naik
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ISBN: 9788170197003
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 182

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1. Minability and Predictability of Data
2. Prediction of Online Shopper’s Purchasing 
Intention using Logistic Regression
3. Multi-Spectral Image Classification using CNN with Alexnet
4. Clinical Decision Support System: Prediction of 
Heart Disease using Neural Networks
5. Time series classification using key points and shapelets
6. A Comparative Study on Unsupervised Clustering 
Machine Learning Algorithm
7. Cyber Security: Vulnerabilities and Attacks
8. Early Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease Using 
Data mining algorithms
9. Improvement of Pest Image Detection Using 
Saliency Map and Iterative Method
10. Image Denoising Using An Improved Nonlocal  Means Approach
11. Optimal Configuration Selection for Deploying 
Big Data Applications in Cloud
12. Segmentation of grayscale images with single 
and multiple objects using transition regions
13. Ring-Learning With Errors (ring-LWE) Cryptography 
Based Secure Fingerprint Authentication System
14. An Overview on Cyber Attacks: Impacts and Mitigations