Creative Librarianship : Restructuring User Experience

By: Dr. S. Dhanavandan
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ISBN: 9789391734138
Year: 2023
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 340

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This edited volume provides perceptions on various creative ideas and applications in academic libraries.  This volume is hub of the opinion of researchers, librarians, information professionals, publishers and library users in India. This volume provides an outstanding overview of creative librarianship especially in academic libraries. Librarianship describes profession which concerned with acquiring and organizing collections of books and related materials in libraries and servicing readers. Creativity within the libraries can happen at the individual, the group, users, or stakeholder’s level. Individuals with a creative bent can be a fountain of ideas if encouraged by those around them because of experiences. The users creativity can be an exciting experience will helps to restructuring the concepts of information sources and services. The user opinion and their judgements are always helps to improve and construct their ideas. The user’s recommendations and creativity could be accomplished to the top library administrators to embrace and encourage the users. These creative ideas and their suggestions always help to construct the creative librarianship in academic libraries.  In these circumstances the editors were collected 36 papers from Library and Information Science Professionals from the National level and titled on Creative Librarianship: Restructuring User Experience. Contents are edited suitably in order to appreciate the professionals. This edited volume consists of 36 papers from Library and Information Science Professionals under four  themes such as, i) Open Educational Resources, ii) Social Networking Tools, iii)  Management of Resources and Service and iv) User Experience and Studies in Libraries.