Corporate Management : A Socio-Legal Study

By: Binayak Patnaik , Sunil Kumar Padhi and Aswini Kumar Padhi
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ISBN: 9789391734275
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 242

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About Prof. Dr. Binayak Patnaik, Dr. Sunil Kumar Padhi  and Dr. Aswini Kumar Padhi                                                                                        
1. Corporate Management and Corporate Governance
2. Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and Corporate Ethics
3. Law of Contract:Business Contracts
4. Sale of Goods Law for Business Sectors
5. Contract of Guarantee:Corporate Guarantee in Focus
6. Importance of Contract of Indemnity in Corporate Sectors
7. Contract of Agency:Every Corporate Manager Should Know
8. Law of Torts: Business Torts
9. Corporate Crime:The Law and Judiciary
10. Labour Laws for Human Resources(HR) Management in Corporate Sectors
11. Strategic Management of Intellectual Property Rights vis-a-vis Globalisation
12 Role of Companies in Environmental Management 
13. Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems for Corporate Management
14. Regulatory Framework for Corporate Management
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The objective of writing this  book is to provide an up to date and comprehensive knowledge of legal and regulatory issues of corporate management. The monograph covers the full range of legal issues which the Corporate Managers,  Business Executives and Men of Law must know.

                The essential legal concepts in the context of corporate management such as Labour Laws, Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems, Intellectual Property Laws, SEBI Act, Company Law, Law of Contract and Agency Law, Law of Sale of Goods, Contract of Guarantee and Indemnity, Law of Torts and Corporate Crime,  Environment  Law and Corporate Social Responsibility are embodied  in this project.

                The language of the text is simple and clear and easy to understand, which will be very useful for the students, scholars and teachers of law and management. The  Directors, Managers and other Stake Holders of the company, the Bar and the Bench who will use this book can tailor the materials  according to their need.

                The author has taken special care to complete this work and believes that the book will reach up to the expectations of everyone.