Consortium of E-Resources in Agriculture A Networked Environment

By: Tanuja Kumari
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ISBN: 9789391734084
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 168

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Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. CeRA: An Overview
Chapter 3. ICAR Libraries and CeRA
Chapter 4. Expansion and Interpretation of CeRA
Chapter 5. Conclusion
Appendix-I Questionnaire
Appendix-II List of CeRA Journals
Appendix-III List of ICAR institutions under CeRA
Appendix-IV Bibliography

Agriculture, the backbone of India, is the main source of economy. In IT era- access to Agriculture -Information is pivotal for the development of Agril Community. Agriculture Libraries serve the Agriculture scientists and researchers since the inceptions of Agriculture Research Institute, Universities particularly the apex body ICAR that includes 45 Central Institutes, 6 National Bureau, 17 National Research Centers, 6 Deemed Universities, 27 State Agriculture Universities, 25 Directorates/Project Directorates, and one Central Agriculture University in India, providing Education Research and extension facilities for development of Agriculture in India. These organizations have their own library to fulfill the information needs of users. Advancement in IT has brought changes in the concept in the information related field especially in collection, storing, processing and dissemination of information have resulted into the evolution of digital libraries. Various factors- electronic sources of information, library automation, networking, consortia etc, have posed challenges before the agriculture info-professionals to keep pace with the complexities of present requirements, particularly the library consortia, a more accepted system of resource sharing.

            CeRA, an ambitious programme initiated by ICAR in a sub-project of NAIP, funded by World Bank, covers about 3000 scholarly journals (comprising consortium subscribed, Library-subscribed and open access journals) from seven major publishers and catering to 134 institutions under NARS. The number of e-journals and name of the publishers are listed appendix. Since ICAR has network connectivity across institutions and State Agriculture Universities, select journals have been made available over the network for use of the scientific community. The Network of institutions having on-line accessibility of journals in CeRA is large and covers all institutes under NARS. Consortium of E-Resources in Agriculture: A Networked Environment, first of its kind, by Tanuja Kumari, caters to Agriculture scientist and researchers focusing mainly on the use and awareness of CeRA. The volume is designed to serve with the rapid growth of Internet facilities and advancement of Web technology. How the scientist and researchers will access to online journals and how the CeRA users to find their literature is the main motive of Consortium of E-Resources in Agriculture: A Networked Environment.