Biomembranes: Structure Biogensis and Transport Proceedings of Biomembrane Symposium

By: Rajamanickam
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ISBN: 817019301X
Year: 1987
Binding: Hardbound

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Contents: Editors note,Preface,Foreword,List of contributors,Members of the organizing committee,Session I Membrane structure,Session II Membrane biochemistry I,Session III Membrane functions I, Electron transport I.,Session IV Membrane functions I, mitochondrial proton transport,Session V Membrane functions I,Session VI Membrane biochemistry II,Session VII Membrane biochemistry III, Session VIII Biogenesis and regulation,Session IX Membrane functions II,Session X Membrane functions III,Session XI Membrane biochemistry IV Session XII Membrane biochemistry V,Session XIII Membrane functions IV and electron transport II,Session XIV Genetics of photosynthetic membranes,Session XV Electron transport III, Poster session.