Animal Disease Informatics

By: Shome, B. R.

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ISBN: 9788170194781
Year: 2013
Binding: Hardbound

About The Book

� Surveillance And Monitoring Of Animal Diseases: National Perspective � Research Intelligence In Animal Disease Epidemiology � Collection And Despatch Of Clinical Samples For Laboratory Diagnosis Of Animal Diseases � Serum Bank � Uitilities And Requirements � Sampling Technique � Sampling Frames � Approaches For Recording Of Disease Outbreakss � Glossary In Epidemiology � Livestock Disease Outbreak Investigation � Disease Informatics � Risk Factors, Modeling And Analysis � Measuring Economic Losses Due To Diseases In Livestock And Poultry� An Overview � Zoonoses At The Human-Animal Interface � International Disease Surveillance And Networking For Emerging Infectious Diseases/Zoonoses � Economic Impact Of Foot-And-Mouth Disease In India � Geographical Information Systems: Concepts � Approaches For Reporting Of Major Haemoprotozoan Diseases Of Domestic Ruminants For Surveillance � Economic Analysis Modules For Animal Disease Impact Assessment � Role Of Vectors In Vector Borne Diseases � Case Studies On Vector Borne Zoonotic Diseases � Animal Disease Information System With Special Reference To Tadinfo

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