Agricultural Economics 2/Ed

By: R. K. Kulshreshtha, Amod Sharma and Pallavi

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ISBN: 9789391734169
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 352

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(A)  Introduction
1 Economics
Meaning, Definitions, Scope, Divisions.
2 Agricultural Economics Introduction, Definitions, Scope, Utility of Agricultural Economics,Diference between Agricultural Economics and Industrial Economics, Indian Agricultural Economics.
(B) Land Economics
3 Economic Uses of Land Concept of Land Use, Peculiarities of Land as factor of Production, Peculiarities of Land as Agricultural Use, Non- Agricultural Uses of Land, Land Utilisation, Factors Governing Land Utilisation, Land Utilization in India, Cropping Pattern, Factor Affecting the Cropping Pattern, Cropping Pattern in India, Preponderance of food over Non-food crops, Suggestions for Improving Land Use in India.
4 Land Holding Meaning, Definitions, Types of Holding, Size-Pattern of Holding, Fragmentation of Holding, Causes for small size of Land Holding, Pros and Cons of Fragmentation, Advantages of Sub-Division and Fragmentation of Land, Disadvantages of Sub-Division and Fragmentation 
of Land, Characteristics of Small Holding.
5 Land Tenure and Reforms
Land Tenure – Meaning, Definitions, Land Tenure Systems in India,  Abolition of Zamindari System
Land Reforms – Meaning, Definitions, Consepts, Objectives, Implementation of Land Reforms in India, 
Appraisal of Land Reforms.
(C) Agricultural Labour
6 Agricultural Labour
Meaning and Definitions, Characteristics, Classification, Wages and Income, Methods of Wage Payment, Social Security of Farm Labour, Measures of Improve the Social Security for Farm Labour, Problems of Agricultural Labour in India, Measures Adopted by the Government to Improve the Conditions of  Agricultural Labourers, Suggestions for Improving the Conditions of Agricultural Labourers, Measures Taken by the Government,
Causes of Growth in the Number of Agricultural Labour.
(D) Agricultural Finance
7 Agricultural Finance
Meaning & Defination of Agricultural Finance, Meaning, Defination and Needs of Credit, Credit Needs in Agriculture, Classification of Credit, Sources of Credit, Nationalisation of Commercial Bank, R.B.I., S.B.I., Lead Bank, NABARD, KCC, Credit Analysis – 3 R’s, 5 C’s and 7 P’s.
8 Rural Indebtedness
Introduction, Nature of Indebtedness, Extent of Rural Indebtedness, Causes of Indebtedness, Suggestion to Solve the Problem of Rural Indebtedness.
(E) Agricultural Marketing
9 Agricultural Marketing
Market - Meaning & Definitions, Definitions of Agricultural Marketing, Classification of Market, Marketing Channels, Marketing Systems, Methods of Marketing, Importance of Agricultural Marketing, Marketing Functions, Marketing Cost, Marketable & Marketed Surplus, Market Margin, Problems in Agricultural Market, Improvement of  Agricultural Marketing, Governments steps to Improve Agricultural Market, Measures of Improving Agricultural Marketing in India, Recommendation or Royal Commission on Agricultural Marketing Improvement.
10 Agricultural Price
Meaning, Definitions, Fluctuation of Agricultural Prices, Factors Influancing changes in Prices, Causes of Fluctuations of Agricultural Price, Business Commission as Agriculture in U.S.A. – 1927, Agricultural Cost and Price Commission, Agriculture Price Policy, Enunciation of the Agricultural Price Policy in India, Features of Agricultural Price Policy in India, Effects of Agricultural Price Policy.
(F) Co-operation
11 Agricultural Co-operation
Meaning, Definitions, Co-operative Movement in India,
Importance of Co-operative Sector for India, Principles of Co-operation, Factors responsibilities for slow Progress of the Co-operation movement, Suggestions to Improve the Co-operative Movement, Co-operative Farming - Types of a Cooperative Farming.
(G) Population Growth & Food Supply
12 Population Growth in India
Introduction, Population Growth in India, Current Populaltion Situation,Population Growth in States, Population Growth and Socio-Economic Development India, Impact of Population Growth in Economic Development, Impact of Rising Population on Indian.
13 Food Problems
Meaning, Nature of the Food Problem, Government’s Food Policy, History of Food Problem in India, Causes of Food Grain Problem, Prevention of Food Crisis, Evaluation of Modern Food Policy, Present Food Policy of Government.
(H) Agricultural Planning
14 Agricultural Planning and NITI Aayog
Introduction, Defination of Planning, Agricultural Planning - First Plan to Twelfth Five Year Plan, 
NITI Aayog - Achievement in Agriculture in 2018-19 and 2019-20.  
15 Schemes for Agriculture and Rural Development
Rural Development Programmes - CDP, IAAP, MFALA, TADP, SFDA, DPAP, MNP, FFWP, DDP, Antyodaya Yajana, IRDP, TRYSEM, NREP, DWCRA, EAS, RLEGP, Crop Insurance, Rural Housing Scheme, Jawahar Rozgar Yojana, PMRY, NSAP, SGSY, JGSY, JPRGY, NFWP. Other Government Schemes – e-NAM, NMSA, PMKSY, PKVY, PMFBY, GBY, LIS, SFTE, NSWF, MIF, PM-KISAN, PM-FPS, KCCLS, PKCCS, DEDS, RADP, SHCS.

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