Integrated Agricultural Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change

By: S. R. Mohanty, Ashok K Patra and B. Kollah

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ISBN: 9788170197034
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 158

About The Book

1 Fundamentals of microbial diversity, and ecosystem function
2 Conservation agriculture to enhance soil microbial diversity 
3 Soil Organic Carbon for Eco-System Functioning and Soil Health
4 Mitigation of atmospheric greenhouse gasses through different agricultural practices
5 Elevated atmospheric temperature and carbon dioxide: effect on soil biota and microbial diversity
6 Soil Carbon sequestration and framing the limits of carbon in soil types
7 Soil Microbial Diversity and Organic Matter Decomposition
8 Soil Organic Carbon dynamics in Long Term Fertilizer Experiment and  Methodology to Calculate Minimum Amount of C Required to Maintain Thresh Hold Level
9 Climate change in relation to emissions of green house gases and land use change, and mitigation opportunities
10 Plant physiological responses to elevated CO2 and temperature
11 Mechanism of Soil Carbon Sequestration
12 Importance of Soil Testing in Soil Health Assessment and Improvement
13 Organic farming: carbon sequestration in tropical agro-eco systems
14 Greenhouse gas contributions from agriculture: potential mitigation strategies through simulation Modelling
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