Natural Resource Management in Horticultural Crops

By: Subhra Saikat Roy, Poonam Kashyap and Tarun Adak

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ISBN: 9789391734336
Year: 2022
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 326

About Author

Management of natural resources such as land, water, soil and biodiversity with a particular focus on how management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations. Natural resource management (NRM) is congruent with the concept of sustainable development, a scientific principle that forms a basis for sustainable global land management and environmental governance to conserve and preserve natural resources. It specifically focuses on a scientific and technical understanding of resources and ecology and the life-supporting capacity of those resources. NRM issues are inherently complex as they involve the ecological cycles, hydrological cycles, climate, animals, plants and geography etc. All these are dynamic and inter-related. A change in one of them may have far reaching and/or long-term impacts which may even be irreversible. In addition to the natural systems, NRM also must manage various stakeholders and their interests, policies, politics, geographical boundaries, economic implications and the list goes on. With the changing climate and degradation of natural resource base, natural resource management in horticulture has emerged as one of the important aspects of sustainable farming. This book entitled “Natural Resource Management in Horticultural Crops” throws light on various facets of natural resource management in horticultural crops in a holistic manner and is expected to be an informative and valuable resource for the researchers, academicians, students, extension functionaries, policy makers and progressive farmers across the country.


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