Tribes in Contemporary India Orality, Identity and Development

By: Dr Rabindranath sarma
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ISBN: 9788170195559
Year: 2016
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 163

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An Anthropological Observation on the Role of Tribal Communities in the Conservation of Biodiversity DR. JAYANTA KUMAR NAYAK

Regional Tribal Prospects with Cultural Sustainability MR. AMIT SONI

Recasts Gender, State and Forest Relations: A Case study of Women's Movement in Colonial and Post Colonial Tribal Odisha MS. ANINDITA NAYAK

Folklore and Ethnicity: A study among the Rabhas of Assam DR. FAGUNA BARMAHALIA

झारखण्ड के जनजातीयों का विकास - सोहन मुण्डा

Tribal Worldview in Selected Santhal Folktales MS. RIA MUKHERJEE AND DR. RABINDRANATH SARMA

संताल संस्कृति में वनों का महत्व ऐतिहासिक परिचय - सुमनी भाई मुर्मू

मुण्डा समाज का जंगलों से संस्कृति संबंध - जुन सिंह मानकी

मुण्डा जन नायकों की पहचान- शांति नाग

Socio Cultural Aspects in Development of Oroan Tribe in Khelari of Jharkhand MR. MANJIT MAHANTA

Tsana: Philosophy and its implications in the social structure of the Angami society.MR. KEDUOKHRIETUO SACHU

The Nagas' Worldview of Heritage DR. K. NIPUNI MAO

Development Perspectives of Limboo Tribes in Sikkim MR. BHIM BAHADUR LIMBOO AND MR. BITU SUBBA

Lupungutu: Exploring the Relationship between Tribe and Waterbodies DR. UPASANA RAY, DR. SOUMEN DEY & DR. RABINDRANATH SARMA

Empowering Tribal Children of Attapady, Kerala MR. P.S.LENIN THANGADURAI