Trends & Prospects in Food Technology, Processing and Preservation

By: Prodyut Kumar Paul et al
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ISBN: 8170196178,9788170196174
Year: 2018
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 702

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Food is one of the fewest things that man must need for survival. At the beginning of our civilization, man only needed food that can help him to survive. But with advancing ages and development of civilization, man has also improved his fooding habits substantially. Previously food was just for survival but now food has got several newer dimensions. Food is not only for satire of stomach or getting energy, but is also for nutritional aspects. With the development of civilization, some new aspects like food taste, food quality, food safety, food microbiology, food nutrient content, food dynamics, etc have appeared. Researches on these divisions have shown an upsurge. Since the beginning of 20th centuries, enormous amount of research work is going on worldwide which are related to food and food improvements. Man cannot live without food and hence it would keep on updating its perception and quality. Research and innovations related to food would keep on going and hence the book would prove to be the best input for academicians and researchers related to food science and allied sectors. After thorough discussions and planning, the editorial team came to a conclusion to form an edited type book consisting of diverse aspects related to food and newer concepts and trends related to the topic. The book contains 38 chapters which are contributed by scientists, researchers, scholars from biggest institutes all over the globe. The book contains chapters with recent thrust and future prospects related to Food and allied researches. With this vision the book entitled �Trends & Prospects in Food technology, processing and preservation� is designed. Hopefully, the book would prove out to be the very useful for not only finding recent research ideas but also the latest topic on which research emphasis can be done.