Social Science Research Methodology : Concepts and Processes

By: Gupta R.B
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ISBN: 978817096396
Year: 2019
Binding: Hardbound

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Volumes of books and material are available on Survey Methodology, which are being used extensively by the Social Science Researchers. While for statisticians and experienced researchers, it is easy to refer available books and material, the beginners and those belong to other disciplines and are involved in Social Science Research, find it difficult to choose and adopt such techniques � be it designing a survey, looking for relevant sampling methods or the sample size estimates. A simple attempt on the field based experiences, which could serve purpose of day today decision making on survey methodologies to be understood and adopted for achieving the given objectives and provide the requisite results and estimates, is being attempted in this book by giving simple examples that could be understood by non-statistics background researchers. The emphasis is given on the methods that can be used by the Social Scientists with little statistical expertise and no sampling background. The book would also be helpful in proposal development, steps required for training and monitoring, besides providing guidance for data analysis and report preparation. The book mainly provides the steps to help researchers in dealing with field-based research, from beginning to the end.