Review of Tropical Plant Pathology Vol.7 Pt.1 : Hall of fame and plant Pathology

By: Raychaudhuri, S.P.
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ISBN: 8170194148
Year: 1993
Binding: Hardbound

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Contents: Foreword,Sir Edwin J.Butler,Erwin Frink Smith father of plant bacteriology (1854-1927),Traian savulescu (1889-1936),Philip Herries gregory (1907-1986),Stephen Denis Garrett (1896-1989),Walter Lawry Waterhouse (1887-1969),Benjamin Minge Duggar (1972-1956),Wendell M (Eredith Stanley(1904-1971),Balachandra Bhavanishankar Mundkur (1886-1952),Louis Otto Kunkel (1884-1969),Nathan Augustus Cobb (1859-1932),Albert Francis Blakeslee(1874-1954),Paul Neergaard (1907-1987),Harry Marshall Ward (1854-1906),Francis Oliver Holmes (1899-1900),J.George Harrar (1906-1982),Lewis Ralph Jones (1864-1945),Karam Chand Mehta (1892-1950),Philip R.White (1901-1968),Elvin Charles Stakman-Amercan Champion of plant pathology (1885-1979),Robert Harting-The contemporary relevance of a generalist.