Recent Trends in Inclusive Education

By: Vanitha, C.
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ISBN: 9788170196990
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 246

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1 Efficacy of DSM Package in Developing Spelling 
Skills related to Educational Words for Students with 
Visually Impaired in Higher Education
2 Designing Indigeous Toys to Inclucate Readiness 
Skills in Normal and Childern with Sld [3- 6 Years]
3 A Study of attitude of student teachers towards 
Inclusive Education
4 Intervention Strategies for Reading Difficulty in Malayalam
5 “It is possible to teach these students only with 
parents support”: Understandings of Teachers on 
Partnerships for Inclusive Education
6 The Spelling Ability of Hearing-Impaired Children at 
Secondary Level in Inclusive School
7 Recent Trends in Learning and Teaching
8 National Education Policy 2020 and Provisions on on 
Inclusion in Higher Education-A Critical Analysis
9 A Child with Multiple Sclerosis in School: Case Study
10 Attitude of Mainstream School Teachers Towards 
Inclusive Education in Tinsukia District, Assam, India
11 Difficulties Faced by Children With Special Needs 
in Inclusive Government Secondary Schools
12 Inclusion Of Children  With  Disability In The 
Regular Elementary Schools: A Case Study.
13 Equipping the Elementary School Teachers to 
Adopt Mind Mapping for Dyslexics in 
Inclusive Classrooms
14 Inclusive Education: A Case Study during Pandemic
15 A Study on Psychosocial Adjustments of High 
School going Adolescent in relation to their 
academic achievement.
16 Addressing Quality Inclusive Education in the 
Approaching Situations
17 Intersectionality and Inclusive education: The 
missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
18 Professional Competency of Science Teachers at 
Secondary Level Inclusive School at Kasaragod District
19 Individualized Education Plan (Iep): An Instrument of Inclusion
20 Facilities Available in Schools for Teaching 
Children With Special Needs
21 Awareness of Elementary School Teachers on 
Neurological Impairements and Prevalence of 
Attention Issues Among Elementary School Children
22 Culturally Inclusive Curriculum: Formulation of Guidelines for Inclusive Teacher

Earlier society not provided equality to ‘All’. It was a society, where its members deprived of basic needs, and education was just a dream.

                With numerous revolutionary movements, equality established in the present society. ‘All’ got equality before law. Discrimination slowly declined from the mindset of the people and education, became a fundamental right to ‘All’. This is the move of inclusiveness in the society.

                Inclusiveness paved its way ahead helping ‘All’ to cherish their dreams. Infact, it emerged as a blooming concept.

                However, many studies pointed out that maximum stakeholders not supporting inclusiveness in education. Even, negative attitude prevalent among them towards inclusion.

Inclusion is very much indeed important for a healthy society. The main reason for the negative attitude is mainly due to lack of awareness towards the importance of inclusion. Hence, awareness need to be created among all the stakeholders. Even more number of research need to be conducted in this area.

                In this regard, the present book attempts to present research studies conducted across India on the inclusive education by adding to create awareness among all the stakeholders. The chapters throw light on developing skills such as spelling, reading and personal hygiene; competencies and attitudes of teachers about inclusive education; different policies on Inclusive education; inclusive curriculum; facilities provided to enhance a quality inclusive education and on inclusive teaching strategies.

                Hence, the book attempts to provide the reader an immense opportunity to deeply understand inclusive education and transform a quality inclusiveness in the society.