Recent Technologies in Dairy Science

By: C.N. Dharaiya,Singh, B.,Rekha Rani
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ISBN: 9788170196402
Year: 2019
Binding: Hardbound

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Technical Advances in Dairy Science edited by Rekha Rani, Bhopal Singh, Chetan Dharaiya, Hanslal and Araghya Mani can be an excellent help as a reference book in the field of dairy science. The book deals with latest processing techniques including pulse electric field, extrusion, advances in cheese technology, fermented products, membrane technology and developments in packaging technology as well as few novel technologies. It also includes incorporation of herbs, spices, cereals and millets in dairy products, development of herbal dairy products, dairy analogues etc. Marine and whey-based nutraceuticals are also discussed in the book. It also shows the possibilities of utilization of by-products as well as latest preservation techniques for milk and milk products. The current issues such as increasing dairy farmers income and impact of climate change on milk production have also been given due importance.