Ramie The Strongest Vegetable Fibre

By: Pranab Talukdar and Ashutosh Roy
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ISBN: 9789391734190
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 136

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1 Introduction
2 Origin and history
3 Climate and soil required for cultivation
4 Distribution of species
5 Phylogenetic relationship
6 Description of the plant
7 Physiological studies of ramie
7 Genetic improvement
Improved varieties
Varietal requirement
8 Conservation of ramie plant genetic resources
9 Planting material
10 Pre planting operations
11 Nutrient requirement
12 Planting
13 Post planting management and harvesting
14 Extraction and decortications
15 Replanting
16 Pests and diseases
17 Fibre yield
18 Properties of ramie fibre
Physical properties
Chemical properties
Instruments for ramie fibre grading
Processing of fibre
Raw fibre spinning
Degummed fibre spinning
19 Use of ramie fibre
Ramie fibre in the fashion world
Other uses of ramie
20 Production of ramie
21 Economics of ramie cultivation
22 Prospect of ramie in North East India
23 Conclusion
24 Reference
Subject Index
Authors Index