LIS Education Pragmatic Paradigm Shift

By: K.P. Singh
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ISBN: 9789391734367
Year: 2022
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 356

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The formal LIS education in India has completed 110 (1911-2021) glorious years of journey. Similarly, the LIS department of Delhi University which is considered a ‘Gangotri’ of LIS education and research in India also completed its 75 years of incredible journey of academic excellence. The book consisting of fourteen signature research articles contributed by the eminent teachers, academic administrators and researchers on the diversified areas of LIS education such as Resurrecting Path, Quality Assurance, Research Advocacy and Promotion of Academic Integrity, Changing Dimensions of LIS Education in Digital Era, Course Curriculum and Employability, Internationalisation of LIS Education, LIS Education for Social Capital and Cross Community Participation and Preservation and Conservation, Choice-Based Credit System, Review on LIS Education and state specific LIS Education scenario, etc.. The author firmly believes that this exclusive work on different dimensions of LIS education published on the occasion of completing 75th years of LIS department will serve the readers as a treatise on the subject. Further, the book is special in terms of its content and composition and will fill the gap of literature in the domain of library education for longer time.