Itk Database on Medicinal Plants

By: Shyam S. Mandal, Sweta Roy, H.K. Chourasia & A.K. Roy
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ISBN: 9789391734541
Year: 2023
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 379

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In developing countries, about 80% of the population depends on indigenous medicine for their primary health care. Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITK) refers to the localized, structured, traditional application of knowledge generated from generation to generation by continuous experimentation and observation of a phenomenon of interest. The medicinal plants have played, and continue to play, a major role in the lives of people globally. With the demand for herbal medicines and climate change, supply is declining as most of the harvest is obtained from naturally growing vegetation and going under threat. 
This book ITK Database on Medicinal Plants contains information on 162 medicinal plants and is an original book, compiled from information generated through participatory appraisal of 1280 respondents of Bihar and Jharkhand from diverse ecology. It consists of 5 insightful and well-written chapters supported by suitable Schaech. It provides information on plant taxonomy, vernacular names, phenology, distribution, and cultural aspect of biodiversity conservation with a major focus on the traditional use of medicinal plants. This book mentions several diseases of present and future significance including fever, diabetes, diarrhea, cancer, tuberculosis, eye problem, skin infections, etc. potential plant-based medicines against them.
The basic information provided in this book would pave the way for the cultural aspect of conservation. We are sure that this publication would be useful for academicians, faculties, scientists, students, researchers, farmers, planners, foresters, and traditional healers.