Fisheries and Aquaculture Management

By: Ed Pramod Kr Pandey, Anil D. Upadhyay and Tanmoy Gon Choudhury
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ISBN: 9788170196877
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 486

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1 Taxonomic Identification of Freshwater Fishes having Aquaculture Importance in India
2 Climate Smart Fisheries and Aquaculture
3 Community-Based Fisheries Management in Inland Open Water Bodies of North-east India
4 Selection of Suitable Fish Species for Aquaculture
5 Construction of New Freshwater Fish Ponds and Farms
6 Aquatic Weeds and their Management in Aquaculture
7 Aquatic Insect and Their Control
8 Preparation and Management of Nursery and Rearing Pond in Carp Culture Practices
9 Grow-Out Pond Management for Carp Aquaculture
10 Brackishwater Aquaculture Production and Practices in India
11 Biofloc Technology
12 Fish Feed Formulation, Production and Feeding for Efficient and Profitable Aquaculture
13 Culture of Natural Fish Food Organisms and Their Enrichment
14 Freshwater Aquaculture Systems other than Pond AquacultureM. K. Datta
15 Diversification of Aquaculture with Special Reference to Small Indigenous Fishes (SIFs)
16 Common Management Problems in Aquaculture and Their Preventive Measures
17 Common Finfish Diseases in Freshwater Aquaculture
18 Carp Seed Production Technology
19 Seed Production of Magur (Clarias Magur)
20 Induced Breeding and Seed Production of Pabda
21 Seed Production Technology and Culture of Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium Rosenbergii in Land Locked States
22 Ornamental Fish Breeding and Marketing
23 Post-Harvest Management and Transportation of Fish
24 Fish and Fish Based Products: Application of Metals and Flexible Packaging Materials
25 Diversification and Value Addition: an Emerging Aspect of Fish Processing
26 Entrepreneurship Development
27 Measuring Efficiency and Performance of Fish Farm Business using Farm Management Techniques  
28 Market-Led Extension Services in Fish Farming
29 Application of ICT in Fisheries

Fisheries and aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing animal production sectors to cater the demands for protein-rich diet of today’s growing population. A variety of fisheries and aquaculture commodities, which also include “nature’s super food” fish, contribute for about 7% of all protein sources and 17% of total animal protein supply throughout the globe (FAO, 2018). Management of this sector is an utmost requirement for sustainable production and fulfilment of demand. Various aspects of the sector need to be managed efficiently and this book encompasses all these aspects for sustainable growth of the sector. The book (Fisheries and Aquaculture Management) covers twenty-nine chapters comprising, taxonomic identification, climate smart fisheries and aquaculture, community-based fisheries, species selections, construction of fish farm, management of aquatic insects, weeds, feeds, diseases and soil & water quality, seed production of various finfishes & shellfish, various diversified aquaculture practices, harvest and post-harvest management, entrepreneurship development, marketing and ICTs in fisheries. This book is equally useful for students, scientists, experts, entrepreneurs and farmers, associated with fisheries and aquaculture. Scientist/experts from various fields have contributed in the preparation of this book by providing chapters in different subjects of their expertise.