Fight for Shelf Space: Manufacturer's Brands Vs Private Labels

By: Deepti Gupta
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ISBN: 9789391734497
Year: 2022
Binding: Hardbound
Language: English
Total Pages: 252

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Recent studies on consumer attitude towards private labels have largely examined attitudes in general. This book is an attempt to provide additional information in narrowing the research gap to understand the attitude of consumers towards a specific category like apparels. Determining the attitude of consumers towards Private Labels in comparison to other brands has become an increasingly important part of the retail industry. However, the reasons for which these have been added to the firm’s portfolio have not been thoroughly researched. 
The purpose of this book is to discover the facts that are considered important by consumers while selecting private labels. Past studies on consumer attitude towards private labels have mostly concentrated on mature markets like the United States and United Kingdom where these brands are well established and there has been relatively little research in emerging markets like India where they are in the early stages of development. The rationale for writing this book is the presence of a strong middle class which is impelling apparel firms to ensure their presence in such economies. 
Apart from providing one of the basic necessities of life, the apparel industry also plays a pivotal role through its contribution to industrial output, employment generation, and the export earnings of the country. Increasing fashion sense and awareness among people has given a push to the apparel industry. With many international, national and regional players trying to tap the market, retail is one of the most dynamic, fast- paced upcoming sectors in India. Observant marketers leverage their understanding of consumer attitudes to anticipate the behaviour of consumers. Keeping in view the dearth of work done, this book aims to probe into the possibilities of creating a unique selling proposition for private label brands by understanding consumer attitude.

Dr. Deepti Gupta is working as Assistant Professor at Ram Lal Anand College, University of Delhi. She is a forward looking educationist with more than 15 years of corporate and teaching experience. Her area of research includes Marketing, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. She has to her credit numerous research papers in various reputed national and international journals. The author can be reached at