English Index to the Plants to India

By: Piddington, H.
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ISBN: 8170191688
Year: 1980
Binding: Hardbound

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A work enabling the European on his first landing to inquire for every Indian plant yet known to European botanists by its native name,if it has one; or to trace form the native name its scientific apellation,must be a desideratum to all;for there are none who,more or less,have not an interest in plants,either as stukious pursuits,as amusements,as objects of commercial enterprise,or of domestic economy; and but too many of us in India find,that before we are sufficiently linguists to trace out a name,or botanists to ascertain a plant,years and climate,the pressure of business,or the deadening canker of disappointment,have taken from our pursuits the freshness,which alone can compensate that want of energy through which every thing in India so soon becomes stale and wearying,even to the most active minds.