Climate Change and Socio-Ecological Transformation

By: Sati, V.P. ,Dubey, S.C.
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ISBN: 81-7019-518-3,9788180195181
Year: 2015
Binding: Hardbound

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� People�s Perception on Climate Change � Global Warming, Climate Change and Environmental Issue for Sustainable Development � Current State of Climate Change Law with special reference to India � Climatic vulnerability & Adaptation techniques in Western Rajasthan � Energy Resource Development in the Sundarban Region of Wes Bengal: Perspective of Climate Hazards and Vulnerability � Impact of Climatic Policy Adopted in India on Manufacturing Exports � Contemporary Climate Change � Distribution & Properties of Rainfall Occurrences in Drought � Climate Change and Community Based Forest Management � Rainfall, Agriculture and Socio-economic Transformation � Occupa-tional Structure of Scheduled Tribe Population in Indian Himalayan Region � Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) for Ecotourism Initiative of Forest Community� Growth and Characteristics of Population of Urban Centres of Sikkim � Condition of Urban Slums � Influences of Changing Human Societies and the Climate Change � Mainstreaming adaptation in India � Impact of Agroclimatic factors on Plant Secondary Metabolites and their Accumulation in Medicinal Plants - A commercial approach � Vulnerability of River Gradient, Longitudinal Profile and Embankments Role in Extent and Magnitude of Flood � Assessing the Impact of Mizoram�s New Land Use Policy on Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihoods Security � A Study of Yak Population of Arunachal Pradesh with Special Reference to Agro-Climatic Changes � Impact of Flood on Settlement Displacement and Agricultural Productivity in Lower Dikrong Basin of Assam � Climate Change and Indian Horticulture: Opportunities for Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies � Climate Change and Land Use � Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity � Climate Change: Cause and Impact to the Water Borne Disease and Health � Temporal and spatial distribution of As, Fe, and Mn in the groundwater aquifer at Silchar Town, South Assam and their variation with depth and pH � Impact of Climate Change on Cropping Pattern � Community Based Water Projects, Withering Justice and Environment Protection � Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability � Energy Needs and Environment Mitigation � Current Trends of Tropical Cyclone Energy � Identification of Potential Sites for Water Recharge and Conservation in Lower Tlawng Sub-watershed, Aizawl District using Geo-informatics � Watershed Management and Sustainable Development in Upper Tuivai � Effect of physico-chemical parameters of water on abundance of trematode parasites of Channa punctata (Bloch) in Pumlen Lake, Manipur, India � Identification of Urban Hot Spots in Relation to Built-Up Surface and Nature of Buildings in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) Area � The Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Managing Forest Plantation and Watershed Conservation in Pasolgad Watershed in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand � Empowering Mountain Women through Livelihood Promotion and Natural Resource Management