Aid to the International code of botanical nomenclature

By: Henry, A.N.
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ISBN: 8170190940
Year: 2009
Binding: Hardbound

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Contents: Foreword,Preface,Introduction,History of the code of botanical nomenclature,Polynomial and binomial systems,Broad outline of leningrad code(1978),Main divisions of the international code of botanical nomenclature(1978),Ranks and nomenclature of taxa,Definitions,The type method or typification,Guide for the determination of types,Priority,Effective and valid publication,Citation of author's names and of literature and general recommendations on citation,Retention of names or epithets of taxa,Choice of names,Rejection of names and epithets,Orthography of names and epithets,How to describe a new genus/species,Nomina conservanda,Some important dates in botanical nomenclature,International association for plant taxonomy(IAPT),Teaching of botanical nomenclature through practical application,Exercise,Literature,Glossary cum index.